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The FVA Mission
Female Veterans Alliance helps all female veterans heal the invisible and visible wounds of military service and lead independent lives.
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The woman’s fight goes far beyond the battlefield of a foreign land. Long after their deployments have ended and their duty has been fulfilled, women continue to struggle with the issues of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and sexual assault. They continue to fight for the right to be heard, understood, and treated for these traumas experience during their service in the military. Did you know that even-though women only make up roughly 16% of the armed services, they are much more likely to experience the symptoms of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, homelessness, and military sexual trauma than their male counterparts? However, the resources necessary to aid the modern female soldier and their families are lacking.

FVA Leadership

Michelle Weiss Executive Director
While in service to her country, Michelle was deployed twice with an Air and Rescue Unit to the Middle East.
Richard Lee served in the Air Force as a Military Police officer while deployed during the Vietnam War. Richard has been a service officer for all veterans since 2005.